Startup House Investments
It's time to be ready for fundraising.
Did you prepare an excellent database for your round?
Fonder should be focused on the startup. We take care of all the documents: pitch deck, investment teaser, market analysis, etc.
How much time did you spend preparing you deck?
On average pre-seed founders spend 2-3 weeks creating the deck. We know the value of your time and are ready to save it.
Are you sure what investors want to see?
We know how to show your project from the best side and can prepare you for a dream pitch.
We consolidated experience of 1000 startups in one service
We suggest getting one landing page with all the necessary data for the round.

The first part is open to everybody:
  • Project Summary
    Introduction welcoming text for investors. Short description of your project, key metrics, and video (if you have one)
  • Investment teaser
    1-2 pages PDF document with a description of the project and deal terms available to download
  • Pitch Deck
    Created or edited by a team of professional investment analysts and designers. We show your strengths, product, business model, traction and all an investor really need to see in the pitch deck.
  • Mission and Vision
    This part of your landing is dedicated to your mission, vision, and values. It's important to be aligned with your investor, isn't it?
  • Market & Competitors Analysis
    Presentation of 15-20 slides.
    Analysis of market size (TAM, SAM, SOM), and competitors on the local market and in the world.
  • Your Team and
    Press About You
    We show the experience of founders and their opportunities for excellent performance. Also, we collect all the best data from open sources.
The second part is encrypted by password:
  • Sales and Marketing
    Presentation of 5-10 slides about your sales and marketing strategy: marketing channels, CAC/LTV Ratio, and other pipeline metrics.
  • Finances
    Prepared or edited by our team Financial Model and Plans, report on the past periods.
  • Investment Memo
    Investment Memorandum (3 pages document) with deal summary in numbers: round terms, cap table structure, previous investors, key milestones, use of funds, etc.
  • Business Model
    One pager describing your business model and showing how your investor will make 10x in the nearest years.
  • GTM Strategy
    Presentation of 5-10 slides.
    You have a plan to attract the first 100,000 customers. We understand you and ready to show it.
  • Main Presentation
    One presentation of 50 slides about all we already described. For the most thoughtful investor.
In addition
We help to find your investor and
train you before the pitch
  • Investors Long List
    We created a database of 20,000+ investors around the world. Do you want to take a look? Our analysts filter it for your project and send you step-by-step instruction for outbound campagin.
  • Pitch Training
    We know, how an ideal pitch sounds like. Our team members will listen to you carefully and show your improvement.
How It Works
Schedule a interview with us
Our analyst will ask you
for all necessary data to start work
Do your business for 1 week
You don't need to be involved in the process. If our analysts have any questions, they will ask you in messenger.
Get your link
Get the perfect database and start
reaching out to your investors
Project Summary
Investment teaser
Pitch Deck
Mission and Vision
Your Team and
Press About You
GTM Strategy
Business Model
Market Analysis
Investment Memo
Sales and Marketing
Main Presentation
Long List of Funds
Individual Pitch Training
Clients about us
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